Born and raised in Germany I started to take photographs by the age of 16. Since than I abandoned photography for a long time in order to focus on other creative projects. Quite some time has past and only after getting my hands on a film camera, my motivation returned. 

I value unaltered nature the most, which is the reason why I look for the things in life that are real. Even tho if real is just a matter of perception and time a matter of semantics.


My home town was once a mining town and I still remember the time where roof tiles were often times black and the ground covered in coal dust. That's probably the reason why I like black and white images the most, aswell as grain. What also influenced me quite significantly are black and white movies like The Lighthouse (2019) or M (1931).

Peter Lindbergh, Olga Komarova, Christoph Boecken, Hannes Caspar, Saul Leiter

The Beatles, Whitey, Spoon, Radiohead, PJ Harvey

Lost In Translation, Ghost In The Shell, Dark City, Home Alone, Spirited Away

Hedy Lamarr, Conan O'Brien, Keanu Reeves, Bill Murray, Hugh Laurie

Viktor Antonov, Tim Burton, Marko Djurdjevic, Connor Sheehan, Simon Stålenhag


Pentax 67, Pentacon Six, Yashica D, Olympus µ-II, Praktica MTL 5B

Ilford HP5, Ilford Ortho Plus, Kodak Tri-X, Fomapan, Kodak Ektachrome

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